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PuraVida 有機化妝水 Active Toner (200ml)

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Do you want to revitalize your skin, complete the daily cleaning and help to absorb nutrients?

Use Active Toner PuraVida Bio daily!

A real elixir for the skin, Puravida Bio Active Toner is a cosmetic made of special plant extracts and lysates which have the power to give immediate luminosity, guaranteeing deep and constant hydration for the skin. Apple vinegar helps to protect and rebalance the natural pH value of the skin which is so delicate it can be altered just with water.

Puravida Bio Active Toner is also excellent after being in the sun as it refreshes, soothes and visibly brightens the skin on both face and body. Puravida Bio Active Toner can be used repeatedly and regularly, any time you want or feel you need to, preferably together with your favourite Face Cream.


Made in Italy

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oat lysate*, rice lysate°, spelt lysate°, tomato extract°, iris extract *, sweet clover extract*, liquorice extract*, pomegranate extract*, apple cider vinegar°.



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