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PuraVida 有機水光收緊精華素 Jaluronio Serum (30ml)

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Do you want to protect your beauty with an anti-aging action, resulting in a plumping and smoothing effect?

Use Jaluronio Siero Sistem daily

Jaluronio is a concentrated anti-aging serum which, thanks to a light exfoliation and a comfortable firming effect, smoothes and protects the skin from daily oxidation. A true concentrate of innovative and patented functional substances.


Made in Italy

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  • High MW hyaluronic acid 2.000.000 from: forms a film with a firming and surface hydration effect
  • Low MW hyaluronic acid, up to 3.500 from: hydrates the deepest layer of the epidermis with a re-densifying effect. The combination of hyaluronic acids is contained in a total of 1.2% and it is drained deeply through liposomes.
  • Tomato extract: obtained using M.A.P. technology (Patented Microdispersed Aqueous Carotenoids).
    Protects fibroblasts subjected to UVA irradiation thanks to the antioxidant power of lycopene, a carotenoid found in high concentrations in tomatoes with an antipollution action.
  • Bilberry extract (titrated in 1% proanthocyanidin), antioxidant effect
  • Spelt bio-liquified antioxidant
  • Lecithin non-GMO nourishing, carrier
  • Vitamin E, natural, mixture of antioxidant tocopherols




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