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It's time to change your lifestyle and embrace your better skin! Find the right products to keep your skin bright, smooth and healthy! Youngest than ever. Explore outdoor and enjoy the fresh air!

    Beauty Skincare Set of our Top 3 bestselling items

Complete your Routine: Fight against🚫 dark spots, freckles, acne scars, yellow skin tone 🚫


Wellness and Beauty

Natural and Organic products from ITALY


which means it is super gentle for your skin!
check out the skincare product line by PuraVida Bio, imported from Italy, Europe

I enjoy going for facial treatments during the weekends to help with me skin problems. A relaxing environment and friendly staffs (after long working hours in office during weekdays especially). Thank you for taking care of me and my skin!

Rachael Chua

I've first found out about Oscar Beauty Salon 20+ years ago through a magazine article. Although during the years I have visited other chained salon brands, they are not comparable to Oscar Salon at all.

Ms. Kwok

Most of my leisure time is spent on outdoor activities, including lots of exposure to UV lights... overtime causing freckles on the sides of my cheeks which I dislike very much. Absolutely love the products recommended by Ms Chan from Oscar Beauty which helped faded the spots and marks.

Ms Cheung

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